Licensed Psychologist



Drugs & Alcohol

Drugs Of Abuse320.9 KiB246
Ecstasy71.6 KiB216
Marijuana123.7 KiB293
Methamphetamine61.0 KiB265

Love & Romance

Celebrating St Valentines Day98.5 KiB187
Couples, Stress And Money97.1 KiB267
How Couples Argue And Succeed96.3 KiB248
How The Internet Is Changing Our Relationships At Home And Work99.5 KiB252
Importance Of Family Rituals72.9 KiB252


Avoiding Homework Hassle111.5 KiB392
Back To School83.6 KiB204
Childhood Depression80.1 KiB218
Children And ADHD106.0 KiB232
Childrens Dental Anxiety101.7 KiB727
Coping With Childhood Fears103.2 KiB299
Coping With Temper Tantrum105.8 KiB305
Discussing Report Cards121.1 KiB220
Divorce And Children100.6 KiB209
How To Use Time Out With Children104.2 KiB240
Importance Of Involved Fathers100.7 KiB201
Kids And Stress90.1 KiB327
Parenting The Hypersensitive Child104.6 KiB278
Preventing Sibling Fights112.4 KiB179
Promoting Compassion And Forgivness In Children94.2 KiB161
Raising Healthy Girls101.0 KiB193
Raising The Temperamental Child78.8 KiB222


Avoiding Travel Related Stress Disorders87.6 KiB274
Birth Order102.8 KiB829
Controlling Excessive Worrying 200093.5 KiB206
How To Beat The Holiday Blues94.3 KiB180
How To Get A Restful Sleep Every Night83.2 KiB238
How To Handle Your Anger94.5 KiB265
Laughter Is Good For Your Health79.5 KiB198
Optimism- A Powerful Tool For Better Health76.0 KiB230
Overeating96.4 KiB226
Preventing Road Rage77.0 KiB219
Preventing Suicide84.6 KiB239
Preventing The Urge To Splurge96.7 KiB183

Work & Family

Avoiding Job Burnout82.6 KiB193
Avoiding Travel Related Stress Disorders87.6 KiB125
Balancing Work And Relationships108.6 KiB266
Coping With Bullies At Work72.5 KiB256
Coping With Chronic Complainers69.7 KiB188
Coping With Job Loss111.0 KiB419
Coping With Over Controlling People78.0 KiB272
Dealing With Difficult People96.4 KiB795
Emotional Intelligence At Work93.4 KiB181